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Why I suck at Me-Made May (and what I’ve learned)

As a blogger, I really suck at Me-Made May. That’s not because I haven’t followed through with my commitment to wear a me-made item every day, because I have (with just a couple of small cheat days). But I really suck at taking pictures of those me-made items every day and styling things in an interesting way since I have a fairly good-sized baby bump to work around.

For me, photo shoots are something that take planning. I have two small children at home and a full-time lawyer gig, and those two things pretty much take up the entirety of the daylight hours during the week. Any photos of me wearing items I make generally must happen on the weekends when I can actually take 10 minutes to go outside with a camera.

So, I apologize for my lack of posting during MMM13 and my complete and utter failure to document my daily outfits. I have generally been sticking to my commitment, with just two cheat days thrown in there. And on those days, one or both of the kids were wearing items that I made, so it wasn’t a complete cheat, right?

Creative Counselor: MMM 13 is over!
To avoid a post completely devoid of pictures, here is the last outfit photo I took during MMM 13 under the crappy flourescent lights in my office locker room. My Washi dress is still kickin’ and comfortable!

But here’s what MMM has taught me about my handmade wardrobe:

  1. I really don’t have enough me-made maternity-friendly items to really be able to wear something handmade everyday for a month. I’ve still been squeezing into my Darling Ranges dresses and Washi Dresses (blogged here and here), but I’ve hit the huge-boobs stage of this pregnancy, and they don’t really fit all that comfortably anymore. I pretty much have to wear a cardigan over the Darling Ranges dresses or risk flashing someone through the gaping buttons!
  2. My me-made wardrobe in general lacks basic foundation pieces. You know, a little black dress or navy pants or solid color t-shirts. Things like that. I love my printed dresses and tops that I’ve made, but one of my most useful items during MMM has been a white eyelet Sorbetto top that I made months ago but never got around to blogging. Simply by virtue of being white, it’s pretty versatile and can go with lots of different things.
  3. I frequently gravitate towards separates for work, and I have very few work-appropriate handmade separates, maternity or otherwise.  Skirts are such an easy make, and a few basic pencil and A-line skirts would go a long way towards making my me-made wardrobe more versatile.  Over the next year, I also want to try my hand at a pair of trousers or two (post-baby, I’d love to try the Thurlow pattern, which is currently on loan to a non-preggo friend).
  4. Daily outfit photos just don’t work for me. Maybe they will someday, but for now it’s too hard to find the time and decent location for a daily shot. I hope others are understanding and know that I have stuck to my pledge, even though I can’t prove it!

I read a post recently on Sew Country Chick about sewing a basic wardrobe, and I really want to adopt much of the advice in that post. I love the idea of having a significantly smaller wardrobe than my current one, but having pieces that all work together cohesively. That will include a lot of wardrobe basics with fun, trendy pieces thrown in for some flavor.

In sum, I’m relieved that MMM13 is over. I found it to be a beneficial experience and one that I will likely repeat next year. Still, I’m looking forward to getting dressed tomorrow and not worrying about whether I’m wearing a handmade piece. I may even wear a completely RTW outfit just because!

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  1. I was dreading taking the daily photos and almost didn’t do MMM just for that reason- but I am so glad I did! I think the important part is wearing your me-mades, and not so much taking the pics (just my opinion). I really want to make pants too, I am going to try to start this month. I think the Cascade skirt would be a great post maternity item for you since it wraps and can adjust to changing size.

    1. Cascade is high on my to-sew list for the summer. I have all the Breakwater patterns (yes, I have a slight problem when it comes to indie pattern purchases!) but I think Cascade and Tania are the two I will actually be able to use post-maternity. Looking forward to trying them out!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! I am so in need of basics. I may have to resist my urge to buy cute prints for awhile and invest in more black and navy 🙂

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