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Me-Made May starts tomorrow, and am I working on garments for me to round out my (rather limited) May wardrobe? No, I’m not.

Instead, I am still planning and working on kids’ clothes, even though Kids Clothes Week is officially over! As I explained, I use Kids Clothes Week for motivation to do the boring kid sewing that needs to be done, but I tend to put off. Now I’m planning and sewing outfit for J and N’s upcoming photos, and that’s much more fun!

I do have quite a list of projects for me going in my head, and a couple of them are even cut. But most likely they will get put off a couple of week, or get done piecemeal — a pocket here, seam there — sort of thing, as I work on other projects.

Our lovely and talented friend Crystal is a professional photographer in the Twin Cities area (check out her website here), and in a little under two weeks she’s coming to stay with us for a weeklong visit!

Hopefully the weather should be beautiful by then — no more of this freaky spring/winter we’ve been having lately (there is actually snow — SNOW — in the forecast for Thursday. In May…in Kansas!). Crystal generally comes to stay for a week once a year, and I always love the weeks that she’s here. Somehow life seems to slow down a bit, and we spend lots of time in the sun on the back patio, talking late into the night, cooking, drinking wine (maybe not so much for me this year), and just doing what good friends do.

And then in that week, she has graciously agreed to shoot J and N’s 4-year and 2-year, respectively, photos.

And photos means photo outfits. And around here, photo outfits means sewing projects for me!

I have big plans this year, too. I don’t often like sewing complicated things for my kids because inevitably those are the things that get tossed aside in favor of comfy shorts and a t-shirt, and since they’re kids, they outgrow stuff fast. But, I do make an exception for the yearly photos.

Our plan is actually two photo sessions, one outdoors at a park or garden, and one down in one of the more gritty, urban areas of Kansas City. That means two outfits for both kids, and my current plans involve 7 different items. Yeah, they may not all happen. So here goes:

1. A Geranium Dress for N. I broke down and bought this pattern when I realized that the 18-24m Oliver + S Bubble Dress fit her perfectly. As in perfectly right now, with little to no room to grow. The Geranium Dress goes up to size 5, and 2T is generally what I’m making for N right now to make sure it will last her through the summer and into fall, since dresses are very wearable here until at least November. I’m making the Geranium in this adorable fabric from Heather Ross’ Nursery Versery line for Kokka that I picked up at Sarah’s Fabrics in Lawrence.

Creative Counselor: Nursery Versery
And it’s purple!

2. Bubble Pocket Shorts in off-white linen for N. N only has 1 pair of shorts that will fit her this summer, and chances are she’ll be wearing a lot of them, so I picked up Elegance & Elephants’ new Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern. I’ve had a yard of off-white linen sitting in my stash for over a year, and it would be nice to stash-bust it!

3. An Oliver + S Ruffled Halter for N in pale purple eyelet. This is another fabric that has been in my stash since last summer, and I’d love to have it out! I think this top is just darling, and I love the versions that my friend Julie has made for her daughter (links here and here). But seriously, the thought of having to tape together 24 sheets of paper and then trace and cut my pattern has me dawdling a bit on this one.

4. Parsley Pants in blue pinstriped chambray for J. I also broke down and bought Rae’s new Parsley Pants pattern last week — she must be loving me! The pants pattern that I have used the most thus far is the MADE kids pants pattern, but that’s a free pattern in 2T only. WAY too small for J. When I saw Rae’s Parsley Pants in very much the same mold as the MADE pants, and graded to size 10, I knew this could be my new go-to pants pattern. I actually plan to morph the Parsley Pants and the Blank Slate Coastal Cargo pants because I’d love for J’s summer pants to be lightweight roll-up cargos.

5. Clean Slate Shorts for J in this awesome Echino print that I picked up at Sarah’s Fabrics. The main reason I’m planning to use the Parsley Pants for the chambray roll-up pants is because they’re designed to go together super-fast. Then I can spend most of my pants/shorts-making effort on these shorts. Because seriously, such awesome (and pricey!) fabric deserves a seriously awesome pair of shorts with a full working zip fly, front pockets and back welt pockets.

Creative Counselor: Awesome Echino fabric
Echino cars in blue — does it get any more awesome for a 4-year-old boy?

6. and 7. Shirts to go with J’s pants and shorts. Probably a basic white t-shirt or polo to go with the chambray pants (yeah, I very well may nix sewing this and just buy it), and I’m thinking an orange shirt to go with the car shorts. J actually has a couple of orange polos that would work, but I also have a great piece of bright orange bamboo jersey fabric that would make an amazingly soft t-shirt. I originally bought it to make lovey-style blankets for the new baby, but I found these on Amazon that will go with our nursery and require no boring sewing by me. Win-win!

Anyone else have big sewing plans in their future?

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  1. That’s a lot of sewing! Cute projects though; let me know how the bubble shorts turn out! As to the ruffled halter; I don’t blame you. It’s one of the few paper patterns I printed off and still to this day trace what I need b/c it takes up so much paper. It also takes up a ridiculous amount of fabric. But the end result is a darling top!

    1. It is a lot. There’s a good chance that some of it — most likely the shirts — won’t happen. And I may nix the Bubble Pocket Shorts for these photos. Though I fully intend to make a few pairs for N this summer since (1) they’re ridiculously cute, and (2) they’re super-versatile! I’ll be sure to let you know how they turn out.

      I end up tracing a lot of patterns because I really detest taping together PDF patterns! And 24 sheets for a KID’S pattern — oy. I actually bit the bullet and paid the extra $8 for the Figgy’s Zephyr romper pattern (plus shipping) just so I wouldn’t have to print out and tape all the paper! But the ruffled halter is so cute, so I need to just buckle down and do it!

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