Kids Clothes Week: 7 days, 7 (err, 6) t-shirts

Kids Clothes Week has come to a close. I spent an hour almost each day working on kid sewing projects. I accomplished a decent amount, sewing up 6 spring/summer t-shirts for the kids. I fell 1 short of my goal of 7, and really the only reason I didn’t accomplish it is because I spent some time cutting patterns rather than sewing. So I’m going to accept my limitations and declare this Spring 2013 KCW a success!

Creative Counselor: I am a Dragon T-shirt
This shirt was by far J’s favorite of the 4 I made him. Sorry for the backlit photo — he INSISTED on having his picture taken right then!

As the week approached, I knew it would be a challenge to devote an hour 7 days in a row. Work is picking up (I am a litigator and litigators get busy in the spring) and I had some time-sensitive projects that I would need to work on. I actually didn’t get any sewing time on Thursday of KCW because I spent 4 hours working at my day job after the kids went to bed.

We also moved J’s bedtime back by about an hour a couple of weeks ago. He had taken to waking up at 5:45am, bright-eyed and ready to take on the world. He was obviously getting enough rest, just at times that led him to wake up ridiculously early. Theorizing that he had hit a stage where he simply needed a little less sleep, we started bathing the kids separately (since N still goes to bed at 7pm and will easily sleep until 7:30 or 8am), and gradually moved his bedtime later. Now rather than having him in bed at 7pm, he goes to bed around 7:45 or 8pm.

Having kids up an extra hour means one less hour for “adult” time in the evenings. And I generally only sew after the kids are in bed at night. (Though, I may start trying to use some weekend hours when N is napping. At almost 4, I have no problem trusting J in my sewing room with me — he actually has quite a bit of sense — and he loves sitting there and watching me sew while he has a movie on the portable DVD player).

So long story short, I was happy to get 6 t-shirts finished! I will not make any more t-shirts for N this summer. She is a girly-girl and loves her dresses and frilly tops. But I wanted her to have a few basic t-shirts for playing in the sand and mud, since she also loves to get dirty.

Creative Counselor: I am a Dragon T-shirt
And it moves well! J was also fond of a t-shirt I made out of an old Air Force battalion t-shirt. I think the plain ones will ultimately need some spicing up for him to wear them, though.

I will undoubtedly make more for J, since t-shirts are pretty much his uniform year-round. Long-sleeved in the winter and short-sleeved in the summer. I may throw in a few muscle tees, too, just to round things out. It gets awfully hot here in July and August!

**Note: For N’s t-shirts, I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern in size 3T. I would normally make 2T for her, but I wanted her shirts to be less fitted and I wanted to be sure to get 6 months of wear out of them. For J, I made two with the Flashback Skinny Tee in 4T and two with the MADE basic tee pattern, which is size 4/5. All of the shirts were made from thrifted t-shirts from my local Salvation Army store, which I picked up for $0.99 each. Score!

Did you accomplish your KCW goals?

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  1. I didn’t really come close to my goals…but I realized after the fact that they were totally unrealistic!! We’ve been having the same kind of bedtime issues with my 5 year old…it is so hard to give up time in the evening but those early morning wake-ups are the worst! We are still trying to figure it out 🙂

    1. Good luck figuring out your bedtime issues! I really, really miss that extra hour in the evening, but I really, really appreciate the extra 45 minutes of sleep in the mornings. If I can actually start taking advantage of more weekend afternoon hours, I think it will even out.

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