Spring Top Sewalong 2013

It’s Nautical, Baby!

Here it is, spring top #2!

Creative Counselor: Ruched Maternity Tank
Tank from Megan Nielsen Ruched Maternity Tshirt pattern

This tank is made once again from the Megan Nielsen Ruched Maternity T-shirt pattern, an absolutely fantastic basic maternity tee.

This time I eliminated the sleeves and narrowed the shoulders a bit to make it into a tank top.  I could have made the straps a bit thinner, but at least I’m pretty much assured that my bra straps will stay covered up.  I don’t mind it at all!

I added a neckline binding, just like with my maternity tshirt, and also did a contrast binding to finish the armholes.  Those were about the only alterations I made to the pattern, other than the obvious of adding a pocket.

Creative Counselor: Ruched maternity tank pocket
Tiny pocket.

Also, because the white stripe was slightly sheer, I had to add a tab over the shoulder seam.  Without it you can totally see the seam and stitching on the inside!  I always reinforce the shoulder seams of my knit tops with twill tape, so it really wasn’t very attractive to see the seam.  I like the fix though.

Creative Counselor: Ruched maternity tank shoulder tabs
A nice, easy way to hide the shoulder seams. I could have actually sewn the seams on the wrong side and made the shoulder completely seamless on the inside — maybe next time!

The fit is great!  Length is perfect and it fits nicely in the bust and across the shoulders.  I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this tank this summer.

And I must take a moment to gush about the fabric too.  This is the navy and white stripe slub jersey from Girl Charlee fabrics.  The quality is markedly better than the random poly-cotton knit I used on my first ruched maternity tshirt, which was essentially my muslin.  The knit on that top started pilling on the first wear and stretches out a lot more with wear.  This jersey holds up so nicely.  It’s really soft and doesn’t pill much at all.  It’s also really easy to work with — very little rolling at the edges that can make knit such a headache.

Creative Counselor: Ruched maternity tank
Lovely navy striped knit. I’m a little obsessed with navy and white lately.

I order most of my knit fabrics from Girl Charlee these days.  It’s some of the nicest knit that I’ve worked with so far.  It’s not THE nicest — that honor would go to the luscious bamboo jersey that I picked up at the Michael Levine online store.  That jersey is amazingly soft and drapey, with a little more heft that the Girl Charlee jersey that gives it a wonderful hand.  It’s actually the orange that I used for the contrast on this top!  But, the Girl Charlee jersey is also about 1/3 the price of that bamboo jersey, and is certainly NOT 1/3 the quality.  And I love their prints — I’ve been going a little crazy lately!

(And FYI, I am not sponsored by Girl Charlee.  I pay for all my fabric just like everyone else.  I’m actually not sponsored by anyone — not that I’d object!).

I think that pretty much sums it up.  I really like this tank.  I hadn’t been planning to make any more maternity-specific tops since I will only have a few more months to wear them.  But this is so comfortable and versatile that I think I might make one more to get me through the hot summer months!

How’s your spring top sewing going?

0 thoughts on “It’s Nautical, Baby!

  1. It’s really cute, I love the color combination and your “fix” on the shoulder seam is a really cool detail! I definitely pay more for good quality knits, I can’t stand when it pills 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I’ll pay more for good quality knit too. There is such a drastic difference! The thing I love about Girl Charlee though is that I don’t have to pay a ton. I get really good quality knit for $5-6 per yard! Thanks for commenting!

  2. i love this top! the fabric choice is wonderful, especially the orange accents you added. and thanks for the girl charlee review- i’ve been eyeing some of their fabrics, but haven’t ordered anything yet. i made this top (i’m 24 weeks pregnant) about a month ago and love it, except i do find it to be a little short in the back. i’ll be making more soon though!

    1. I’ve always been happy with their fabric and I L-O-V-E the price! The length of the back seems to be a very common critique of this pattern — I must have an unusually short torso for it not to be a problem for me. I’ll look forward to seeing what you make! Thanks for commenting!

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