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I haven’t had the stamina or energy yet to get back in front of my sewing machine (it HAS only been 2 weeks, after all), but I have mustered up the energy over the last few days to trace and cut patterns.

I was looking in my kids’ closets the other day and realized that their summer wardrobes are just sad. I haven’t made any warm-weather clothes for them in almost a year and they’ve grown a lot since then.

Thankfully J seems to grow only up instead of out, so all of his shorts from last year should still fit. In fact, the kid can still fit into shorts he wore when he was 12 months old because he’s so skinny! When I updated his measurements a couple of weeks ago, his waist measurement was actually an inch smaller than a year ago.

N has grown a lot also so all her 12-month dresses are starting to get a bit tight in the shoulders and a little short.

Looks like I have some serious kid sewing in my future — just as soon as I get back to my machine! This is the current state of my dining room table, where I am tracing and cutting all my patterns and fabric:


I have a few Oliver + S dress patterns for N that I haven’t made yet and only go up to 24 months (annoying how Oliver + S patterns tend to do that). I realized that if I don’t make them now and baby #3 turns out to be a boy, I will have just wasted $14 apiece on these patterns because N certainly won’t fit into them next year!

So, this spring, N is getting a new Tea Party Sundress and a Bubble Dress, as well as a new Ice Cream Dress, a couple of Hopscotch dresses, and a couple vintage patterns that I have in Size 1. Oh, and the Roller skate Dress, which is on it’s way to me 🙂

Sadly, that will not mean that I’m all the way through my Oliver + S pattern stash, but at least the ones that are left go up to size 4T, so I have a couple more years to make it through them!

As for J, he’s all arms and legs right now and just keeps getting longer. That means his major need is shirts and t-shirts. It’s time to move up to size 4T in the Flashback Skinny Tee, and I might try out the free MADE basic tee. I love how Dana made it into muscle shirts — that would be perfect for Kansas summer!

When I’m able to get back in front of the sewing machine, I certainly won’t be lacking in projects!

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  1. Ha! Your dining room table looks like mine. I’m trying to work my way through some patterns as well for my daughter. She is tall and slender so I have to make adjustments to everything. Have fun sewing for your littles!

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