Mission: Organization

Mission: Organization

I still have a couple projects sitting in the wings waiting to be shared but don’t be surprised if the sewing slows up around here a bit while I tackle another BIG project–my sewing room.

I’m lucky to have a dedicated room in my house for crafting and sewing but it is an absolute disaster. I’m actually embarrassed to show you these pictures, but here goes. This is the space in which I work:



When I first moved into this space, I was anxious to get started and didn’t take the time to customize it for my needs. As a result it is completely out of control, overrun with pattern pieces, WIPs and fabric piles that have no home. I have no proper cutting surface, no place for Albert to sit with me while I work and I’ve never even plugged in the serger I got last Mother’s Day because there’s no place to put it.

Time for that to change.

The process is already underway. I’ve repainted an old desk that had been sitting in our storage area and it will be my sewing machine’s new home. I recently acquired an awesome antique Singer sewing table (iron base is dated 1885) that will house my serger, and I have plans to build a nice cutting table incorporating plenty of fabric storage for my overflowing stash. I hope that once I can see all my fabric, I’ll be more likely to use what I have rather than ordering more (I hope — I do LOVE fabric though!).

And paint of course. I dream of the day when I finally have a white wall somewhere in my house for pictures!

And Albert will finally have a place to sit. Well, a place that’s not a folding chair 🙂 The oak unit will go and that alcove will become a sitting/reading/knitting nook.

The only thing the room lacks is natural light. It’s an interior basement room without a single window, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

This makeover has been needed for months. Even though my working space tends to get messy, I like to at least have places to put everything so I can tidy up periodically. I am the kind of person who need organization. The tidiness of my mind is directly correlates to the tidiness if my surroundings.

January is National Organization Month here in the US (I swear there’s a month for everything). Even though I’m a little late to the organization game this year, I figure better late than never!

Time to take back my room!

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  1. Good luck getting sorted. It’ll be so nice to have an organized space once you’re done. It’s amazing how knowing where everything is helps your production and creative juices.

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