Project Goals

2013 Project Goals

This blog certainly hasn’t been around long enough for me to do a “year in review” post like many do, but I am starting to look forward to 2013 and the projects that next year might have in store for me.

The past several months have been focused primarily on sewing for my kids, and while I enjoy that, what I really love is sewing adult clothing.  Specifically, my clothing!  The kids’ wardrobes are in pretty good shape (having 3 sets of grandparents who love to spoil them really helps in that regard), so my hope is that 2013 can be focused on improving my own wardrobe.  It is my ultimate goal to have a completely handmade wardrobe, but I have a lot to learn before I accomplish that!

Many of the projects below are patterns that I already have, but some will have to be new acquisitions.  I love patterns so much that I couldn’t go through a whole year without some new patterns anyway!  So here’s my list:

  1. Sewaholic Renfrew Top.  Hopefully many of these as my t-shirt collection is pretty depressing.
  2. A pair of pants.  I have both the Colette Juniper and the Clover patterns.  I hope to make one or the other, or both!
  3. Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt.  This will be a new acquisition.  I have been drooling over Sewaholic’s newest pattern since it was released!  I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but it won’t be long!
  4. Megan Nielsen Briar Top.  What a great weekend basic.  Again, I plan to make several.
  5. Made by Rae Geranium Dress.  Something for N.  This pattern is just too adorable not to get!
  6. Maria Denmark Day-to-Night Drape Top.  This looks like a good work staple and a good way to use up some silky jersey knit that I don’t know what to do with.
  7. Sewaholic Alma Blouse.  Promises to be another great work staple that can also dress up a pair of jeans.
  8. Megan Nielsen Banksia Top.  I actually want to make this (these?) in jersey for a comfy yet stylish weekend blouse to wear with jeans.
  9. Another Washi Dress.  I have awesome fabric set aside for this, just waiting for me to break into it!
  10. Knit a sweater.  I have all the materials for the Jane Richmond Cozy Bolero sweater.
  11. T-shirts for Albert.  This will probably require making my own pattern based off his favorite t-shirt.  I have some great jersey set aside for this already.
  12. A pencil skirt.  I don’t have a pattern/tutorial that I love yet, so I’m open to suggestions!
  13. Colette Peony.  I didn’t get around to making Peony during the Sew Colette 2.0 Peony sewalong since it fell right during KCWC and Halloween sewing.  I plan to remedy that in 2013!
  14. A Rescue Pack for J.  Can’t leave out my little boy!

I notice that there are a lot of separates on my list.  As much as I love dresses, I live most of my life in separates, so I guess that’s appropriate!

What’s on your 2013 project list?

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