Don’t you love finding a new gem on a Tuesday morning?

I was running a couple of errands before work this morning and randomly discovered that one of my local neighborhood stores carries sewing notions!  I had no idea.

Creative Counselor: Random sewing notions
Sewing notions rock.  Thread, bias tape, zippers, pins, elastic, velcro, etc.  Even felt and yarn.  Score!

And to think that when I need some random sewing notion, I usually end up driving out my way to Hobby Lobby or Joann’s (still relatively close, but not exactly on the way to work, so they take an extra 20 minutes or so out of my day — a big deal to someone who works based on the billable hour!).  From now on, the New Dime Store is it!

My Dime Store purchases this morning: Mason jars, polyurethane, and extra-wide double fold bias tape.  Might have to go back on my way home this evening to pick up thread for my next Washi dress!

I love random awesomeness.

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