Why you should never cut fabric late at night

This is why you should never cut fabric, particularly knit fabric, late at night:

Creative Counselor: Fabric cutting mishap

I love this shirt. It’s darling and comfy, and I made it with a special piece of Nani Iro knit fabric that cost over $30 per yard.

Know what I did when I was cutting the pieces late at night during KCWC? I cut the fabric with the stretch going the wrong way.

Yep, this t-shirt stretches up and down instead of side to side. Which means that the seams rip every time J wears it. I actually didn’t realize that’s why the seams were ripping until the second time I sewed them back together. Until then I just assumed that I didn’t use a stitch with enough stretch for a very active young boy. Then I was repairing it again and tugged on it for some reason and had an epiphany moment. A horrible epiphany moment — the seams were ripping because there was NO sideways stretch!

The shirt is not salvageable. The Nani Iro knit is only 30 inches wide so it took the whole yard to make this one t-shirt. The shirt isn’t wide enough for me to recut it the right way. So I have to scrap it. I might someday order another yard of Nani Iro knit and make J another shirt–cut the right way!

Until then, I’m looking for suggestions.

What would you do with these luscious scraps?

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