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Anticipation — new pattern!

I got a nice surprise in my inbox last night when I received Megan Nielsen’s latest blog post.

A new pattern is on it’s way!

The new pattern is called Briar and I was pretty freaking excited for a new MN pattern. It’s a top with a high-low hem and several pocket and sleeve options. So many possibilities!

It’s no secret that I love Megan Nielsen patterns. They fit me well, and the styling is modern and simple. But the simple lines also make them great for customization!

And of course what really makes MN patterns stand out (IMHO) — no tissue paper! Just nice, thick white paper that is easy to trace and doesn’t threaten to rip if you make a wrong move!

The only patterns that I’ve ever sewn for myself multiple times (so far) have been Megan Nielsen patterns. So far I’ve completed two Darling Ranges dresses, and I have at least 2 more planned out in my head. I also have a second Kelly Skirt cut and sitting on my floor, just waiting for me to get the 2 hours to sew it together. When my sewing time is so limited, it’s really obvious which patterns and designers I love enough to make more than once!

Anyone else excited for Briar? Who are your favorite designers?

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  1. I love the Kelly skirt, I’ve made two. I’d love to make the darling dress but my muslin was a disaster 🙁
    I’m going to try the Banksia next, it’s so cute.
    I love love love Sewaholic. They fit perfectly and the online help is excellent.
    Colette has a great design aesthetic although the fit takes a lot more work.
    And I love Vogue for its variety, designer pieces with flair and frequent pattern releases.

    1. Thanks for chiming in!

      I have several Sewaholic patterns that I’m super-anxious to try but I’ve had absolutely NO time to sew for myself recently. So I just keep dreaming about the Renfrews, Cambies, and Almas to be. And I really want the Minoru (since I need a new winter coat) but can’t quite pull the trigger with all the unsewn patterns I have sitting in my sewing room.

      I really like Colette too. So far I haven’t had the fitting issues with Colette that some have, but I haven’t tried Peony yet either …

      I love all your Vogue creations, not to mention your gorgeous wiggle dress…so elegant!

      1. Thanks!
        If it helps the Renfrew and Alma are fast and easy to sew. Cambie and Minoru take quite a bit more time but are well finished and worth the effort.
        Vogue patterns are great – I have a shopaholic disorder when it comes to them!

          1. Love the Peter Pan collar. That’s the view I want to make. I actually have an inspiration top I want to copy using Alma–just have to find the fabric and the time!

            Can’t wait to see yours!

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