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Handmade Holidays

With Halloween upon me, I’m starting to make my to-do list for Christmas gifts. I have just under 2 months until Christmas, so I’d better get cracking!

This is my current Handmade Holiday list:

  • A toddler backpack for J. I’ll use the pattern from the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book, and I have this great Echino helicopters fabric for it, too. Obviously I don’t intend to make this a penguin backpack as drafted in the book! It will be nice to replace the Toy Story one he currently sports with a nice Mommy-made one!
  • A toddler backpack for N. Because she always wants to be like brother, and she loves packing things up and carrying them around!
  • A Bear Carrier for N. I suspect that she’ll get lots of dolls for Christmas, and it would be nice for her to have a way to carry them!
  • A car carrier for J. He has a ridiculous number of cars (we may have to do something about that!) and loves to cart them around with us running errands.
  • A Buttercup Bag for N. She is very girly already and loves purses!
  • A couple of Flashback Tees for J with cool iron-on transfers like these from Madame Bricolage on Etsy.
  • A few t-shirts for Albert. Which is a bit more complicated than it may sound because I have never found a men’s t-shirt pattern that I like. So I plan to draft my own. And it’s a good excuse to make a Renfrew top for me. Because I need to understand the correct construction techniques, you know 🙂
  • I’m sure I’ll make various stocking stuffers for everyone, but those aren’t nailed down yet.

Undoubtedly this list will grow, particularly since it currently addresses only my husband and children! But I haven’t nailed down my other gifts yet, and there is a chance that those people might read this blog post. Can’t spoil the surprise!  Albert already knows he’s getting t-shirts 🙂

When do you start your holiday sewing? What’s on your list?

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