Sorry for the silence…

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, both on the work front and the home front, so I sincerely apologize for my long silence.

And I haven’t been silent because I had nothing sewing-related to write about, I just lack the time to write it!

We spent last weekend with friends and family in Iowa, and watching a truly pathetic Hawkeyes game. Ever since we got back, work has been crazy busy — fall is generally the “busy” time of year for litigators! The home and sewing front has been ridiculously busy too. It should slow down a bit later this week, so then I hope to get caught up on posts!

I agreed to make a 3-year-old birthday party dress for my college friend’s daughter, which I just finished this weekend. It turned out super-cute. Here’s a preview, but the full post will have to wait until after party day 🙂

Creative Counselor: Birthday dress sneak peak
Sneak peak at the birthday dress. It turned out great!

Then there were Halloween costumes to make. May I express how extremely grateful I am that J is finally old enough and mature enough to sit with me in my sewing room while I work without trying to get into things that may burn or maim him? I was able to take advantage of both of N’s naps this weekend and the time she slept in on Sunday morning. Without that time, I feel pretty confident that I would not have completed the Halloween costumes. That would have been a major Mommy fail!

And then I optimistically (stupidly?) agreed to test a couple of patterns for another blogger, and feedback on both is due early this week! When I agreed to do it, I knew I’d have to bust my buns to get everything done, but what can I say? I really wanted the patterns, and I love pattern testing! I’m confident I’ll be able to get them done, I may just have to forego a few hours of sleep to do it 🙂

So there you have it, as of Wednesday, the obligatory projects will be done, and I fully plan to take a couple days’ break from my sewing machine! That should give me some time to catch up on posts about all these fun projects. Or maybe I’ll just knit … we’ll see!

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