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I’m sure it will shock you all to discover that I sewed something other than pants last week!

Not much other than pants, but it was something. I was getting pretty darn sick of kids pants so these were a nice break.

First, I must be the absolute last person in the online sewing world to finally try out my copy of the Made By Rae Flashback Skinny Tee:


This is a great pattern. Quick, easy, and the fit is awesome. I made this T-shirt for J as an afterthought and it seriously probably went together in less than 2 hours. If I could refashion an old t-shirt and reuse the hems, it would be even faster. Definitely have to keep this pattern close by for just that!


Side note: This is the first project that J has ever willingly modeled for me. Before this (even just this past spring and summer), he acted as if my camera was going to suck the soul out of his clothes and threw huge fits if I asked him to model for me. “NO!! My pants, Mommy! MINE!” This may mark the start of better kids clothing photos from me — yay!!

This fabric is an amazingly soft Nani Iro by Naomi Ito double gauze knit that I’ve been hoarding for the last year (seriously–it was my birthday present to myself last year). I only had a yard of it because it was $30+ per yard and only 30″ wide and I just couldn’t bring myself to pop for more. That measly 1 yard was just enough to squeak out a size 3T Flashback Tee. With a few scraps leftover that I will probably hoard for another year. I’m not usually a scrap girl but these lusciously soft knit scraps are mine, I tell you, MINE!

And then my favorite project of the week. A catalogue knock off skirt for N that the little stinker stubbornly refuses to wear. You wouldn’t think a 17-month-old would have such strong opinions about clothes, but you would be wrong. Every morning she must approve her outfit choices and every morning this skirt is met with a definitive “no” and a shake of her head.

I saw a picture of this Velvet and Tweed skirt on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and knew that I wanted to recreate it:


Except I wanted to make mine fully reversible. It took a bit of puzzling but I figured it out and I think the result is awesome!

Here’s mine:


And the reverse side:


I took pictures as I was making it, so this will become a tutorial once I take the time to put it together!

Maybe by then I’ll have wrassled N into the skirt for some pictures. I will not be defeated by a 17-month-old…will I?

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