Sewing plans

What about me?

With KCWC last week, most of my sewing time recently has been occupied with kids’ clothing.  There’s nothing wrong with that, really.  There were some gaps in the kids’ closets, and a week focused on kids’ sewing went a long way to fill them.

But I was a little sad last week when I realized that the kid sewing isn’t going to end for awhile.  After KCWC, I need to finish a dress that I’m making for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party in early November.  Then there are two toddler Halloween costumes to finish before the end of the month (that I haven’t even started!).  And then I’ll probably need to start working on Christmas presents, so I’m not scrambling like crazy on December 20!

It’s not that I mind sewing for my kids, family and friends.  It’s just that what I really love to do is sew for me.  Or at least for adults. What can I say?  I’m a totally selfish sewer!

I love to fill in gap in the kids’ closets by making a cute item for them … in between working on whatever dress/top/pants/coat is currently in the works for me!

Currently on my selfish sewing list is:

  • A Peony dress for the Sew Colette 2.0 sew along.  I have no idea if I’ll be able to finish this since entries are due by the end of the month and I haven’t even had time to trace my pattern pieces, much less sew the dress!  Maybe they’ll give a week’s extension like with the Macaron.  A week into November may give me enough time to finish!
  • A Washi dress (pattern by Made by Rae).  I have the fabric all cut for this dress — just haven’t had time to sew it together!
  • A kelly green Kelly Skirt.  Again, the pieces are all cut and sitting on my floor, just waiting to be sewn.
  • A Renfrew top (or two).  I’m itching for a few funky t-shirts this fall/winter, and I’m not willing to pay the hefty price tags for what I want in RTW.  There are such cute knits available at great prices!

That’s just the immediate list.  It doesn’t include the other new Colette patterns I bought in the last few weeks (Juniper, Anise, and Clover), or the Sewaholic ones (Cambie and Alma), or the two Darling Ranges dresses that I have planned, or the Deer & Doe patterns that I’m slightly obsessing over.

At least the Deer & Doe patterns aren’t available in English yet, so it makes it easier to hold off.  I am actually capable of reading the French patterns (I studied French a lifetime ago in college), but my skills are pretty rusty now so I’d probably be well-advised to wait for the English.

One thing that some time dedicated to kid sewing has shown me is that since I started sewing my own clothes, I have become a much more skilled sewist. Since focusing more on sewing adult clothing these last few months, I’ve tailored garments, worked with darts, installed zippers, made muslins, and altered flat patterns.  All things you don’t do very often sewing children’s clothing!

After all that, when I went to put together a muslin of the Oliver +S Fairy Tale Dress for the birthday dress I’m making, it all seemed really straightforward, even though it is one of Oliver + S’ more difficult patterns!  That was a great feeling.

So it’s not just that I’m a selfish sewist — sewing for me is good for me.  It makes me better!  Right?  Well, that can be my story, anyway 🙂

Sorry to be so whiny.  Sometimes I just read blog posts by sewists who do this for their job, or have more time to sew during naps or in the evenings than I do, and I get jealous.  My day job can be such a drag sometimes!

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