KCWC Day 5 — We interrupt this program…

So J’s third pair of pants are still sitting unfinished in my sewing room.

I was working on them last night and was at the point of stuffing the outer inside the lining to sew down the waistband and hems when I was interrupted.

Instead of finishing J’s pants, I spent the rest of my night like this:


With N at Children’s Mercy South ER.

She woke up around 9:30pm with croup and bad stridor (the noisy breathing that accompanies croup). When we realized her chest was caving in with each inhale because she couldn’t get enough air, we hesitated about 2 seconds before I packed her up in the car and took her to the ER.

Three hours, some oral steroids and an epinephrine breathing treatment later, she was feeling much better and back to her curious 16-month-old self:


Clockwise from top left, she became more and more curious about this new place and more and more annoyed with the cords.

So the pants will have to wait yet another day. Life intervened…

0 thoughts on “KCWC Day 5 — We interrupt this program…

    1. Not really. She seemed fine when she went to bed. Tired since she hasn’t napped much that day, but fine. This was just out of the blue. Though we have all been passing around a cold for the last couple of weeks so she may have picked that up. It picked something up from school. No idea.

        1. Man I hope not! We’re definitely keeping an eye on her.

          She seems to have a mild cold — snotty nose, cough, but no fever. She had a slightly runny nose — the “in school and it’s getting chilly out” runny nose — but nothing that made me think twice until she woke up gasping for air :/

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