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KCWC Day 2 — Purple Pants!

I finished J’s purple pants last night for the first day of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge.

When I asked J yesterday if he wanted me to make him purple pants or green pants that night, he told me, “blue pants!” Well, these will have to do.


The MADE kids pants pattern is great for these. It goes together so fast! Since I’m making each pair lined, I basically have to make two pairs of pants for each so I’m glad it’s quick. Having to assemble a bunch of pockets would definitely mean I couldn’t finish in the limited time available to me. These took about 2 hours to make, lining and all!


I also like the basic flat front. J just potty trained so I like to put him in pants he can easily pull on and off without having to fumble with buttons and zippers. At least at this stage.

The main fabric is a fine-wale purple corduroy that I ordered from It’s really soft and was actually quite easy to work with. The lining is a lightweight skin jersey in a camo print that I picked up from Joann’s remnant bin. Both fabrics are really soft and move well — these pants look so comfy!

I showed them to Albert and his reaction was that they needed more pockets and patches so they looked less”girly.” But come on, they’re purple corduroy pants! It’s all in the styling–put them on a boy with a dinosaur t-shirt and a zip up hoodie and they’ll look less “girly.”

And when J outgrows them, he can hand then down to N. Gotta love a good unisex pattern!

J at least seem to like them. He was quite excited to wear his purple pants to school this morning!

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  1. Questo e’ il blog giusto per tutti coloro che vogliono capire qualcosa su questo argomento. Trovo quasi difficile discutere con te (cosa che io in realta’ vorrei… haha). Avete sicuramente dato nuova vita a un tema di cui si e’ parlato per anni. Grandi cose, semplicemente fantastico!

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