KCWC Day 1 — Preparation

I had grand plans to be super-prepared for Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge and have all my fabric cut and ready to go long before the week hit.

But then I got sick last week (again) and life happened and once again I was madly cutting fabric on Sunday night to prepare for Day 1 of KCWC.

BUT thanks to my planning last week, the 90 minutes I had to cut fabric was almost enough time and I managed to cut all the projects in my queue save one.

I decided to use go with the MADE kids pants pattern for J’s pants. It’s a very simple pattern (only 2 pattern pieces) that sews up really quickly and easily. Since I’m hoping to make at least 3 pairs for him (and 5 if I can pull it), quick and easy is key.

Also, since we’re going into fall and winter here, I’m going to line each pair of pants I make for him. I cut flannel to line two pairs and this awesome camo jersey that I picked up in a remnant bin at Joann’s to line the third pair.

Creative Counselor: KCWC Day 1
Nice, neat stacks of cut fabric.

Your eyes do not deceive you — you do indeed see purple, kelly green, and black and white houndstooth for his pants. Say what you will about J’s taste in clothes, but the kid is certainly not afraid of color! After all, he begged me for a purple shirt, and was absolutely thrilled with the bright orange pants I made him last spring, which he promptly outgrew (wah!). These colors are right up his alley!

And for something a little more neutral, I have some fine-wale tan corduroy and a wide-wale gray corduroy that I will use if I can manage to squeak out a couple more pairs this week.

As for N, the theme for her is warmth! The brown and red fleece on the right has N’s name written all over it. I decided to go for something like this for a fleece dress for N. I started with the Made by Rae Flashback Skinny Tee pattern and added several inches of width so I can do either gathers or pleats at the neckline. And then I lengthened it to dress length. Should be nice and cozy!

I only managed to get one of those cut last night, so there is still a bit of cutting in my future this week. I plan to make a similar dress out of this fabric combo:

Creative Counselor: KCWC Day 1
More fleece.

And today I was looking at my plans and had completely forgotten about this adorable skirt that I wanted to make her. I might have to find some time in my week to squeeze in one more project!

And in not-really-related-but-still-sewing news, I completely scored when my parents visited this past weekend! My mom cleaned out her old sewing supplies and fabric and brought a bunch of it down to me. These are the piles of vintage fabric that I’m keeping:

Creative Counselor: vintage fabric

This box is full of home dec-weight fabric, scrapbooking supplies and felt — lots and lots of felt!

Creative Counselor: Box of felt
A box of felt — yay!

And a few other goodies. I found the Butterick pattern that we used for my senior prom dress in high school as well as the book of patterns that my mom used to make clothes for my Cabbage Patch dolls! Oh, the memories.

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  1. Harumph. I wish! Maybe next year. Other than a simple top for Ingrid’s school photos and Halloween costumes my sewing machine is going to be in time-out til 2013 (if it’s lucky). Looks like you have a productive week ahead. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Hoping I can get it all done since the kids really do need winter clothes!

      The only reason Halloween costumes aren’t on my list is because I haven’t bought the fabric yet. J has requested a tiger costume, so I thought I’d do Pooh for N and they can be Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too! I still need to buy some tiger striped fleece though. What will your girls be this year?

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