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KCWC — I’m getting ready!

It wasn’t until I saw the Pinterest posts start to pop up that I realized that next week is KCWC — Kids Clothing Week Challenge at Elsie Marley!

I’m sure everyone who sews for kids is like, “Duh Katie, everyone knows that. You’re so behind the times!” And they would totally be right!

I’ve participated in previous KCWCs but not usually in an organized way. I’ve decided that this fall I will be more organized. There are a few gaping holes in my kids’ closets and KCWC may be the motivation I need to fill them!

J’s clothing need right now is obvious: pants. The kid has shot up these last few months so he is really skinny with long legs. And I think Mama-made pants may work best for him. Particularly without diapers (since we’re working on potty training), he still fits 2T or even 24 month clothes in the waist and hips, but needs 3T or even 4T for the length. Good luck finding that in RTW clothes!

I think assembly line cutting and sewing may be a good idea for his pants.

I have the Nowhere Man pants pattern from Shwin Designs, which may be a good option:


Then there’s always the basic Kids Pants by Made:


I have the Growing Up Sew Liberated book which has a cute pair of pocket pants:


And finally, I have the Pier 49 Pants from Peekaboo Patterns for something more detailed (though detail is probably not my friend if I want to churn out multiple pairs):


Any thoughts/suggestions?

And then there’s N. Her need is also obvious–long sleeves! I was looking in her closet last week and found almost no long-sleeved dresses for her to wear. I promptly whipped up a few easy ones, but she’s a girly-girl and could use a few more. And a few things in warm fabrics like fleece, flannel and corduroy. And fall/winter pajamas. Oy.

N was only 6 month old last winter so none of her previous cold-weather clothes will fit. And there are no hand-me-downs from an older sibling so I’m starting completely from scratch.

Luckily, Pinterest is a great source of ideas and inspiration. I’d love to make her a skirt like this in brown corduroy. I might even do a full lining with something like flannel and make it reversible:


Or maybe a nice warm fleece dress like this one (minus the big collar–I don’t think she’d like that):


I think a few long-sleeve t-shirts or t-shirt dresses with some gathering or pintucks at the neckline would be darling. And they’d pair nicely with leggings or a nice pair of cords. I have Made by Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee which would work nicely:


And speaking of cords, how about a pair in a nice purple or mint baby wale?:


How about you? Are you participating in KCWC? What’s on your project list?

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