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First day of “school” dress

Even though I have a Washi Dress, another Darling Ranges dress, and another Hazel dress all in my sewing queue, I decided to put my selfish sewing on a sort-of hold for a little while when I realized that N is outgrowing most of her dresses!

For an immediate fix to her wardrobe issues (after all, every 15-month-old must have an assortment of dresses as adorable as they are), and for a first-day-of-school dress since she starts back to her fall semester of parents day out (or PDO) tomorrow, I turned to an old standby.

The Made by Petchy baby dress/tunic is such a simple versatile pattern that you absolutely can’t go wrong. It’s a basic pillowcase dress, and I love that it’s simple, cute and easy to customize. It only uses a single pattern piece, which is nice, and it doesn’t use much fabric so it’s a great way to feature a smaller piece.

N is big enough now that this really is a top on her, not a dress, but since we’re going into winter, that suits our needs just fine.

I happened to have about half a yard of the most adorable vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric that I picked up on Etsy a few months ago. It made an absolutely perfect first-day-of school dress for a baby girl!

Raggedy Ann baby dress
Dress front with vintage Raggedy Ann fabric.

I mean seriously, it’s so cute, it makes you want to puke right? Sorry if anyone’s computer is ruined now 🙂

Here’s the “back” view, though really either side could be the back. It’s not a picky pattern.

Creative Counselor: Raggedy Ann baby dress back view
Back view.

I made a few alterations from the pattern directions. I find the traditional construction on a pillowcase dress somewhat annoying, so rather than run the shoulder straps through front and back casing, I used a 5″ strip of elastic in the front and back. Then I extended the bias tape at the arm openings to make the shoulder straps. I like this end product much better!

Creative Counselor: Raggedy Ann baby dress strap detail
Strap detail and elastic front.

And the top in action:

Creative Counselor: Raggedy Ann baby dress
N headed to her first day of “school” this fall sporting her super-cute Raggedy Ann dress. It’s almost as cute as she is, but not quite!

Another big plus to this type of pattern — it’s super easy and quick to sew. I’ve made about four of these dresses this week, and I can now almost finish an entire dress in a single episode of Eureka on Netflix. (I am unabashedly geeky, particularly in my taste in books and television. Star Trek anyone?). If Eureka was on HBO instead of SyFy, I could totally do it.

At this rate, I’ll be tackling that Washi Dress in no time at all!

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