Stripey Hazel dress!

I did it! I finished my Colette Hazel dress, and I am thrilled with the result!

My Hazel!

I used a blue and white striped cotton chambray (I think) that I picked up at this fabulous little store in Overland Park called Fabric Recycles. It’s a newer store fairly close to my house that’s essentially aimed for people trying to clean out their stash — bring in the fabric you don’t want anymore and they’ll make you an offer for it and then resell it. I ventured in there for the first time over the Fourth of July holiday and came out with this 2-yard piece of chambray for $10 and a dozen vintage women’s dress patterns for which I paid $0.99 each!

Sometimes I think the fabric looks a little jailbird, but I still love it!

This was a great pattern to work with. It was straightforward and went together really easily. I started it last week and probably would have finished it by the end of the weekend, except that I didn’t realize that you need an invisible zipper presser foot to install an invisible zipper! I ordered the foot off Amazon and it arrived Wednesday, so I finished the dress on Wednesday night 🙂

I admit that I pretty much copied the picture on the pattern as far as the direction of the stripes. With the bias-cut side panels, it was just too perfect not to play around with the stripes.

The best thing about this dress, besides being really comfortable, is that it’s really flattering. The inverted triangle front panel and the bias-cut side panels are really slimming. The waist hits at the natural waist, which is the narrowest part of most women’s bodies. And the skirt is full but not so full that it makes me look like a cupcake. In fact, it’s straight enough that it gives the illusion that I have less in the hips and thighs than I actually do — I’ll take that!

I finally got the motivation to order and make this dress after I stumbled across the Sew Colette 2.0 Sewalong at the blog Rhinestones and Telephones. Prior to this Hazel, the only Colette pattern I had ever used was the free Sorbetto top, which is a great pattern, but much simpler since it’s a free pattern. Making this Hazel has me sold on Colette patterns — the designs are good, the instructions are straightforward, and I learned a lot while putting this dress together.

This Hazel marks a couple of firsts for me, and also knocks at least two items off my 2012 goals/bucket list. First, this was the first dress I’ve ever sewn for myself rather than Lil Sis. Second, it was the first time I’d ever installed a zipper.

Speaking of the zipper — oh my gosh, it was so easy! Now that I’ve successfully put in a zipper, I don’t know what I was so afraid of — this went in with no problems at all. It was slick, I’m telling you! Now it may be that I won’t have nearly as easy a time putting in an exposed or lapped zipper, but this invisible zipper was easy peasy!

Okay, I think I’m done gushing. While I was waiting for my invisible zipper foot earlier this week, I started a Darling Ranges dress in a nice, lightweight black chambray. Hopefully I’ll be able to share that next week!

And then next month, of course, is the Macaron dress for the Sew Colette 2.0 sew along. I’m very excited about that — love the Macaron!

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