KBSD Sweater — a little spur of the moment pattern testing

Hey there peeps, it’s been a while hasn’t it!  I sure hope that all you Americans had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, and that all Black Friday shopping is successfully underway.

Speaking of Black Friday … I did a little spur-of-the-moment pattern testing this week for a new pattern releasing today!

Creative Counselor: KBSD Bayside Bateau Sweater

This is the Bayside Bateau Sweater, just released by KBSD Patterns. It’s a quick, simple sew, but a fabulous wardrobe builder, particularly for an office wardrobe.  And there’s a little party going on in the back:

Creative Counselor: KBSD Bayside Bateau Sweater

I love me a good hip-length sweater, so I jumped on the chance to test this pattern.  This is actually the first KBSD pattern I’ve completed (even though I have a couple others printed and waiting for me to stitch them up).  It was an overall pleasant experience!  Stephanie is so responsive and considerate of her testers.  This pattern went through several versions and revisions before the final product, though most of the revisions didn’t affect the size M that I made.  No complaints here either — the fit was pretty much spot on for me!

Creative Counselor: KBSD Bayside Bateau Sweater

This sweater is actually reversible.  it’s drafted with the scoop in the back, but you can easily switch that around to have the scoop neckline in front.  Stephanie even redrafted the sleeve and armscyce to make it fully reversible.  It’s always nice to have options!

Speaking of options, the pattern includes another length (cropped) as well as another sleeve length (3/4).

Creative Counselor: KBSD Bayside Bateau Sweater

My fabric is a lovely soft cotton/rayon blend that I picked up from Girl Charlee ages ago.  It’s been hanging out in my stash waiting to be made into a t-shirt, and I finally pulled it out for this project.  It’s nice and soft and super comfy to wear.

It’s only going to get colder here before it gets warmer (boo!) so I’d like to add a couple more of these to my work wardrobe, preferably in a cozy sweater knit!

Creative Counselor: KBSD Bayside Bateau Sweater

Pattern: Bayside Bateau Sweater by KBSD Patterns.

Cost: $6.00 USD

Size: M.  

Fabric: Cotton rayon blend from Girl Charlee

Difficulty: Knits beginner.

Techniques required: Sewing with knits, attaching neckband and cuffs, setting in a sleeve.

Similar patterns:  Seamwork Astoria, Bluegingerdoll Bonny Sweater.

Modifications: None.  I always make a pattern as drafted when testing.  Lucky for me, I didn’t need any modifications! 

Fit:  Wonderful.  I’m very pleased with how well this pattern fits straight out of the envelope.  Absolutely no fit alterations needed!

Pattern Format: PDF.  The PDF is pretty manageable.  I think it’s about 21 pages total, which is pretty darn good for an adult pattern.


  • Great work wardrobe builder.
  • Easy construction.
  • Scoop neck is a fun element in the back.
  • Length is perfect — hip length or crop.


  • Fabric choice is important.  You need something with decent recovery so the neckline doesn’t stretch and slip off the shoulders.
  • Nothing else I can think of — I really love this style of top.

Overall Grade:  A.  This is a great pattern from this relatively new pattern designer.  I’ve been discovering all kinds of new designers lately, and it’s nice to have so many expanded options!


Handmade Halloween — Wonder Woman

Only one of my three kids got a Mama-made costume  this year.  My mother-in-law made about half of my oldest’s costume, and I tackled the ever-changing requests from N, my middle child.  The ultimate winner, decided about 2 weeks before Halloween was Wonder Woman!

Creative Counselor: Wonder Woman

This costume turned out pretty much exactly as I had envisioned it — how often does that happen?

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Where to Wear blog tour — Office Style

I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately — I’ve been spending a lovely 4 days on a sewing weekend with my girlfriend-wives and it has been heavenly. I love my family very much but sometimes Mama needs a break! We’ve spent the last four days sewing and drinking and sewing while drinking. It was exactly what I needed!

But today I’m here as part of the Where to Wear tour showing off some office wear that I made!

I am a full-time attorney and I work in a fairly conservative law office but I know many people don’t.

So I decided to do two looks — a more formal look that fits right in at a conservative law office as well as a “casual Friday” look that would be great for a more casual office as well!

Creative Counselor: Where to Wear

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A Cozy Linden Sweatshirt

Before we take another look at one of my all-time favorite patterns (shameless Grainline fangirl here), I just wanted to let y’all know that I have more great tips over on the Sew the Show blog today!  Several of you have expressed interest in seeing how I do a forward sloping shoulder adjustment, which is one of my typical adjustments.  Well, I did a photo tutorial walking you through the whole process!  Find it here.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming :)

Creative Counselor: Linden Sweatshirt

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How to know if you need an FBA

Creative Counselor: How to know if you need an FBA from pattern measurements

Happy Monday peeps!  I have been buried neck-deep in Archer sewing these last couple of weeks because I decided to finally make sure that I properly fitted the pattern.  And let me tell you, that can take a while!

I am blessed with a body that is pretty “standard.”  It’s not particularly tall or particularly thin, but my proportions are such that I’m pretty close to the standard pattern block and most patterns fit me fairly well straight out of the envelope.  I’m not saying that to make anyone feel jealous, but simply to illustrate that even a mostly-standard body still needs pattern adjustments to get a perfectly fitting garment!

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Everyone loves a freebie! The Kzjo Studios Poppy Tee

Who doesn’t love a free pattern, right?  I stumbled across this free Poppy Tee from Kzjo Studios when I was doing my fall capsule and thought, what the heck?  It was easy, quick and free.  The style was loose and boxy which meant that the fit would be harder to screw up, so I decided to go for it and add a quick royal blue top to my capsule wardrobe.

Creative Counselor: Poppy Tee

I’m not going to go on and on about this pattern.  It is exactly what it seems to be — a very simple, loose and boxy dolman style t-shirt.

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Goings On at Sew the Show

Well a very busy week at work makes for a very quiet blog, doesn’t it?  Even though I’ve been buried in briefs over here, Becca, my partner in crime, has been posting up a storm over at the Sew the Show blog.

So go check out all the awesomeness that she’s been up to, such as teaching you how to sew the perfect knit henley placket:

Sew the Show perfect knit henley placket

And her adorable son modeling his coffee-dyed shirt (don’t worry, no coffee was wasted in the making of this shirt):

Sew the Show coffee dying tutorial

Until soon!

Fall Capsule — Day Tripper Top

Moving on through my fall capsule, we are now on to the tops!  This is the Day Tripper Top by Shwin Designs.  This is actually the second Day Tripper I’ve made.  I made one over a year and a half ago, forgot to blog it, wore it to death, and now it’s all faded and soooooo not blog-worthy!

Creative Counselor: Day Tripper Top

So my fall capsule was a good opportunity to revisit this pattern, and also try out the long-sleeved version!

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Star Trek-Inspired Ensis Tee

Today I’m “bringing home” my September Sew the Show project — a Star Trek-inspired Ensis Tee.

We have all kinds of fun stuff brewing over at Sew the Show, so if you haven’t followed over there yet (or the FB group page here), you really should.  Just sayin’.

I got to choose the September theme, and I knew immediately what Sci Fi show I would choose as well as the perfect pattern to go with my choice!  I looooooved Star Trek: The Next Generation in middle and high school, so while I had a fleeting thought that I’d pick the X-Files, ultimately my first love won out.

And what better Star Trek shirt than the Ensis Tee?  It’s like Katie from Papercut Patterns was channeling Gene Roddenberry when she designed this shirt.  This is the precise colorblocking you’d need for a Star Trek: TNG shirt!

Creatuve Counselor: Ensis Tee

But I know you’re all here for the pattern deets.

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Itch to Stitch Birthday Blog Tour

Itch to Stitch Patterns turned one last week, and I’m thrilled to help Kennis celebrate one year in business!

Tour bloggers were asked to hack any Itch to Stitch pattern of their choice.  For my hack, I chose the Jacqueline Hoodie.  And since I’m kind of obsessed with vests these days, I decided to hack the Jacqueline Hoodie into a vest!

Creative Counselor: Jacqueline Hoodie Vest

Turning a hoodie pattern into a vest is probably one of the easiest hacks out there.  All I did was eliminate the sleeves and finish the arm openings with a strip of fabric ala a bias band.  To keep some stretch in the sleeve opening, I sewed the band down with my handy-dandy new coverstitch machine.  Worked like a charm!

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