A Whole New World: The Granville Shirt

Hey there peeps — long time no see!  For the lazy, hazy summer, June was actually quite busy.  I’m not quite sure how that happened actually.  But we had friends visiting 3 weekends, and then Father’s Day weekend, so I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise.

I had grand plans for my June Sew the Show outfit to make three pieces, but alas, one was all I could muster.  But I love the one that I made.  It is destined to become an office wear staple, and I’m very excited to make more!

Introducing, my sleeveless Granville shirt!

Sleeveless Granville Shirt sewn by Katie @ www.creative-counselor.com

Gotta love a sleeveless shirt!

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Coffee Date {#59}

Creative Counselor: Let's have a coffee date

Happy Friday! I’m unreasonably glad that it’s Friday, maybe because it still feels like it should be Wednesday for some reason.  I so often think about an adage that I once heard about parenting:  “The days are long, but the years are short.”  As my kids get older, that seems more and more true.  There are days when it seems like bedtime will never come, but then I blink my eyes and it’s June and my oldest baby will be starting kindergarten in two short months!

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Summer’s finally here!! (I think … hope … )

I know this isn’t the case in other parts of the country, but here in the MIdwest, Mother Nature is on crack.

I live in Kansas.  In Kansas, we generally have relatively short, mild winters, long springs, and early, blessedly warm summers.  But this year, winter just. wouldn’t. end.  It was probably April before spring weather finally replaced winter.  And since then, the rain just. won’t. end.  The pools couldn’t even open on Memorial Day because it was so cold and rainy — practically unheard of here.

But finally the forecast shows a week without rain, which means might yard may finally dry out enough for me to finish my vegetable garden later this week.  That’s right — the garden we started building at the beginning of April still sits undone because there hasn’t been a long enough dry stretch to till up the soil and finish the darned thing.

But enough whining — down to business!  Even though Kansas has been stuck in Mother Nature’s shower for the last two months. I have had summer on the brain.  Not surprisingly therefore, my May Show the Show outfit centered on summer staples.

Creative Counselor: DIY Kimono

My Golden Girls-inspired Sew the Show outfit

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Sew the Show — An Announcement!

Hello there peeps!  My trial has been done for 2 weeks, but it’s still been long time no talk!  To be honest, trial is such a crazy, energy-draining whirlwind that I pretty much shut down for a couple of weeks.  I went to work, started to play catch up, accomplished a few things, took care of my kids, and that’s about it.

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Coffee Date {#58}

Creative Counselor: Let's have a coffee date

I’m sitting here having a cup of coffee as I wait for J and N’s last-day-of-school picnic (too bad it’s cold and rainy out — grrr), so I figured it was the perfect time for a coffee date!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you all about my trial that just finished up last week.  It was a 2-week jury trial, and we got a verdict around 9:00pm on Friday evening.  The jury deliberated for almost 12 hours, and in the end, we got a pretty decent result.  I was on the defense side, and there was one really big claim against my client (big as in multi-millions in claimed damages, trebling and attorney’s fees), plus a couple of smaller claims.  We won on the big claim, but got hit on one of the smaller claims.  But, there are some pretty strong grounds to get some, if not all, of that verdict overturned either by the trial judge or on appeal, so we’re feeling pretty good.

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Coffee Date {#57}

Creative Counselor: Let's have a coffee date

Helloooo there!  I’m just popping in for a very quick coffee date this evening.  I’ve spent the entire week in trial and will spend all of next week the same way.  That means no crafting, no sewing, no blogging.  In fact, very little of anything other than work.  I’ve managed to make it home for an hour most evenings this week to put the kids to bed and change my clothes before heading back to the office.

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April Sew the Show Outfit #2: The One Where I Made Jeans!!!

Like I said, I couldn’t decide on just one inspiration for this month’s Friends-themed Sew the Show!  After all, there’s not much that says “90s” more than high-waisted light-wash jeans with a crop top, amiright?

Creative Counselor: The One Where I Made Jeans

J took these first couple of photos. He wasn’t really “into” it that day :/

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A-Line A La Mode Dress

I was going to come up with a cutesy name for this post — something like “A-line a la Easter” since this was intended to be N’s Easter dress, but I realized that the name of the pattern already communicated the precise idea I was going for!  So why mess with a good thing?

Blank Slate Patterns A-line A La Mode dress sewn by Katie @ www.creative-counselor.com

A-line A La Mode

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “a la mode” means “according to the prevailing style or fashion.”  My goal when I made this Blank Slate Patterns A-Line A La Mode Dress was to make a dress that could serve pretty much any purpose.  A super comfy and lightweight little A-line dress that’s great for summertime play but can be dressed up for church or dinner out.

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Sew the Show: My 90s-themed Victoria Blazer

And now the second part of my Sew the Show outfit — my cropped Victoria Blazer from By Hand London! (Find the first part here).

Cropped By Hand London Victoria Blazer sewn by Katie @ www.creative-counselor.com

90s-inspired Victoria Blazer

I love my tank dress, but I knew that I wanted something to throw over it to make it an “outfit.”  I initially thought about using my awesome floral twill for a jean jacket, but realized that a very-casual jean jacket wouldn’t be as useful for me as a blazer.  I had the Victoria Blazer pattern in my stash, and with its 90s style, it was a match made in heaven!

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