Tutorial: How to remove a back pleat and do a swayback adjustment

Welcome to Part 3 of my Archer adjustments.  This post is “coming home” from the Sew the Show blog.


Creative Counselor: How to remove a back pleat and do a swayback adjustment

Thanks for joining me for part 3 of my Archer adjustments!  You can find Part 1 (the FBA on a dartless pattern) here, and Part 2 (the sloping shoulder adjustment) here.

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Tutorial: How to do forward sloping shoulder adjustment

Part 2 of my Archer fitting series focused on the sloping shoulder adjustment — very common one!


Creative Counselor: Sloping Shoulder Adjustment

Let’s review where we are, shall we? I cut and muslined the size 4, which confirmed my suspicion that I needed an FBA.  I successfully did an FBA, which added 1″ of width to the bust of my size 4 Archer while leaving the waist and hip unchanged.  Muslin #2 looked like this:

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Cozy Carolyn Pajamas

I’m kicking off Mad Men month for Sew the Show with some classic PJs.Creative Counselor: Carolyn Pajamas

You may wonder what PJs have to do with Mad Men, and that would be a fair question. I have a confession–I’ve never actually seen Mad Men, so I can’t tell you for sure whether this is even slightly related to anything any character ever wears on that show.

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Chunky yarn rocks.

And now for my final Downton-inspired piece of the month.

Creative Counselor: Show off shawl

While sewing may be my first love, sometimes I just get in the mood to knit.  2015 was very low on knitting for me, but when cold weather hit in November and December, I had the urge to hunker down with a warm blanket and a ball of wool.

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Tutorial: How to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) on a dartless pattern

I’m going to be “bringing home” a few of the tutorials that I did over on the Sew the Show blog.  Becca and I have discussed a lot and decided to shut down the STS blog in the near future.  Don’t worry, Sew the Show will still be around, just in the Facebook group, and housed on our individual blogs.  The pressure of trying to maintain yet another blog was getting to be too much for both of us, and it just seemed superfluous.  But these tutorials took me a long time, so I wasn’t about to just let them disappear into cyberspace!


Creative Counselor: How to do an FBA on a dartless pattern

Well, I gave it a good college try, but I just couldn’t get in to The Walking Dead.  But even though not every theme show is fitted to everyone (me included), I still knew there were elements of TWD fashion that I could easily incorporate into my own closet. 

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Downton-inspired Sybil Skirt

If you’re not in the Sew the Show Facebook group (and if you’re not, I just have one question — why not?), you may not know that we’ve been sewing along to Downton Abbey this month.  And since the sixth and final (wahhhh!) season started just a few weeks ago, the timing was perfect!

Creative Counselor: Sybil Skirt

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Ginger Jeans v. Birkin Flares

All right, so here’s the post that you’ve all been waiting for, right?  I’m on record with how much I love my Ginger Jeans.  But I’ve also been absolutely gushing over my Birkin Flares.  Most people aren’t going to make 5 pairs of jeans (with plans for more), so if you only need one jeans pattern — which one to get?

And of course I’m a lawyer, so in a very lawyerly fashion, my answer to that is: Well, it depends.

Creative Counselor: Birkin v. Ginger

Depends on WHAT, you might ask.  It depends on what YOU want out of a pair of jeans.  Do you like low rise or high rise?  Do you want lots of options or are you set on a single look?  Do you want a tighter fit in the hips to pull in a tummy and lift the buns, or would that drive you crazy?

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Sabrina Slims for the office

I have been pattern tester extraordinaire lately! Well, not really but I did recently sign up for two pattern tests, each of which ended up being a time and labor intensive project. I’m not complaining — I knew what I was getting into, I learned a lot in the process, and I think that the final patterns really benefitted from the extended testing process. In all, kudos to these designers who would not be satisfied with anything less than an as-perfect-as-they-can-make-it product.

This particular testing endeavor was for the new pattern from Love Notions — the Sabrina Slims (affiliate link).

Creative Counselor: Sabrina Slims

This is a no-closure, slim fitting pant designed for heavyweight knits and stretch wovens.

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My new favorite jeans — the Birkin Flares

I made these jeans back in December as part of the Six Degrees blog tour, and I’m just now getting around to giving them their well-deserved own post!

Creative Counselor: BIrkin Flares

If you hadn’t already guessed, these jeans are the Birkin Flares by Baste + Gather.  It’s late as I’m writing this and I need to sleep more, so I won’t beat around the bush.  I love these jeans.  They are so beautiful and professional looking and I feel like a million bucks when I’m wearing them.

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More pattern testing: The KBSD Cut Out Active Top

Would you ever have thought you’d get two activewear posts in a row on this blog?  I sure didn’t.  But that’s the way it’s worked out this month!

Anywhoo, I was a tester for the new KBSD top (affiliate link) that is releasing today — the Cut Out Active Top (affiliate link):

Creative Counselor: KBSD Cross Over Top

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